No one is telling you the dark side of becoming an entrepreneur


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I know enough people who have dreamt of starting a company, but they never took the first step. You need courage, and the mindset of an entrepreneur, to test the waters in the ocean of startups.

Entrepreneurship is not for you if one of the following is true for you.

  • Career growth means a greater-than-10% salary hike and a more impressive job title
  • Life settlement means owning a house, having a beautiful wife (or rich husband) and two smart kids
  • Startups are a hot topic during lunch and weekend parties only, but no one does anything to make them a reality.
  • You know how to make quick bucks by fooling people, and you think the same tactic can be applied to a startup
  • The value (financial) of one month of your life is not more than one month of your salary, in your opinion
Do you remember the last time you took a risk — something like taking leave for two weeks for vacation without your boss’ approval? Entrepreneurship is about confronting brutal realities of life where you have to take the risk on a daily basis.

  • You seek an expert’s help to move forward in an unfamiliar work situation, and are afraid of challenges.
  • You don’t try new things because statistics say that the probability of failure is 90%.
  • You dream of becoming Steve Jobs but compromise on your ideologies (often because your boss want things another way)
  • Last one — you know everything and you don’t like learning from juniors or peers. You only learn from CEOs because that is your primary goal of doing a startup.
Entrepreneurship is for brave hearts

  • You have to be mentally strong
  • You won’t raise money overnight
  • Your co-founders may leave you mid-way
  • Your potential investors may ditch you after promising funding.
  • Going near cashless becomes routine (be prepared for inconsistent income)

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I think the inconsistent income is the main hurdle for most people. They are in a situation where their bills are consistent, so they need the same from their income.
There are always great risks behind great successes. The mentality we often see nowadays is to have things happen instantly, which is a completely wrong approach from the beginning. It's true that entrepreneurs have strong minds and hearts.
Most entrepreneurs I meet are single and I think that's often a personal choice. When you are chasing that next big wave you need to ride your own board and have that board all to yourself, because there isn't the room or the mental capacity to look after others on this journey. You will be working into the early hours of the morning, you will get cranky when things don't go to plan and you will feel like you have a constant itch that no matter how many times you scratch it, it just won't go away.
The dark side so to speak is the fact that we are our own bosses, so everything depends on us. It's not exactly dark, but it's more demanding.


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