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What would be a good strategy for naming a site geared towards a niche crowd? What kind of name would draw mainstream attention to this?


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That would depend I guess. You need to think about what problem you are offering to solve for your target audience and try to implement that in your domain name.

Correct me if I'm wrong though.


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You should choose a keyword related to the content of the website. It can be a specific term or a slang directly connected to the general topic. For example, if we use the recent hype of Pokemon Go, 'PokeCity' or 'PokeFarm' sounds great.

Kerron Billouin

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Well just keep your ears on the down and find out what the young people are saying these days and it will come to you.. Right now you can use Lit as an example.
My suggestion is to name your site based on your site's content, the name of your site must reflect the niche or content of your blog, this will help you in driving more traffic to your blog.Let me give you an example, one of my friends started a blog primarily focusing on agriculture, The blog is all about farming and all aspects related to agriculture.
So it took him two days to decide the right name for his blog. The name of his blog is Agrowiki : Online Agricultural Library, How does that sound ?, don't you feel the name directly reflects the content of the site, this will for sure have a positive impact on you site's SEO and thus will help you drive more traffic to your blog. Not only this one there are more examples on the internet you can find so just conduct a small survey and see for yourself and you might get some idea in this aspect, Naming a website is important as the name of a blog/website is its primary identity, so one must be very careful while choosing the name of his/her Blog.


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If there is a straight forward answer for this then most or all the beginners (in fact everyone) would have followed the process. No matter what we are doing ,content and passion towards the niche that we pick will drive the attention with an effort . Being said that a good and catchy name will make things little more easier .

this is not a strategy but here are few things that we can do

> Spend some time to search for the existing site which is already serving the niche that you are looking for. Lot of great ideas are the extension of the implemented ideas. You will atleast get an idea of site name pattern or how to come up with a name.
> If you are first to have site on choosen site , then have the niche name and/or keywords related to the niche.
> Keep it short and simple.
> Try to have regularly used words in website name.

We(humans) are very creative to come up with innovative stuff all the time to get ours things done.
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