Niche based websites- Is it a numbers game??


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Niche based websites are the websites that target a particular niche or a particular keyword based on a particular niche. The source of revenue includes Google Adsense as a passive amount of income with the main source of income being Affiliate sales.

But developing just one niche based website and ranking is not enough.
If you want to have sustainable income for a long term, it is important that you own multiple sites.
Days ago, I met a person online who has 500+ niche based websites of its own, spread across a vast variety of niches.
The websites in total bring him a revenue of about $45,000 a month, a rounded off average of lets say, $100 per website.
He said that he made each of these sites for around $750 three years back, did some SEO as soon as the website was ready, did some link building and that's it.
He offered me to set up one such website for me, for $750. What do you say?? Should I go for the offer?? If found good and capitalizing, I could give more orders?

Any advice is welcome..


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I think in the long run your best bet is just a few really good sites rather than a lot of small ones. The small ones will struggle more and more over time in Google and against increased competition in the niche.


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