Newbie wanting appraisal please!


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Hiya guys,

Im looking to get into this domain name game! lol! Anyways so far, I have the following for sale, how much do you think they are worth, any honest answers really appreciated! Cheers!



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Hi Truekumar - and welcome to INForum!

Unfortunately, I don't think any of those names has much value.

Thoughts on some of the names: and far too weak a term for a .mobi., and - I presume that these are domains for food related websites. But if you search Google for them, you will see that they're not really terms that people use much. is a usable name, but the "planet" suffix is pretty interchangeable - for instance,,, etc. I'd say that this is worth low $xx, unless you are getting some type in traffic.

You want to try and focus more on commercially useful names that have some sort of mindshare. Take some time to browse around the forums and learn more.


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Thats a shame, I spent alot of money on them. Do you think I may get something for them on Sedo? Do you not think that I should keep hold of any of them at all then?


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What about the following which I have also just bought?

Dont tell me that these are also worthless! Im not having a good start am I! ;-(
Sorry, I tend to agree with Jeff.

We have all made the mistake of coming up with a brilliant idea than hand-registering a bunch of names only to realize you have wasted your money. The bright spot in this process though is to recognize early that you are on the wrong path.

I would still suggest buying quality names on the aftermarket. You will buy fewer than handregging and the renewal costs will be lower.
My suggestion is double/triple premium LLL.IN or even LLL 'words' if you can find a bargain.

Whatever you do, stop handregging names right now. Spend a few days (weeks) reading and looking at sales but don't focus on the big dollar sales at DN Journal as these are not really a high-probability outcome for the average DN investor. It is not hard to obtain a 100% return on your money with carefully selected domains and by any measure this is an outstanding return.

Good Luck

PS 'Talk Mumbai' could be developed into something great! Just think you could become rich with just one name.
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