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The DN Journal TOP 20 DN Sales:

Top .IN: Abhi.IN $1,000 | Top .IO: Karma.IO $4,999 | Top .KR: SmartThings.KR / SmartThings.CO.KR $2,000 Each

Top SALE / Top 'New TLD' / 'nTLD': Autism.ROCKS $100,000

( Last week, 2 'New TLD' names ( Wine.CLUB $140K / Pro.FLOWERS $50K ) beat the Top .COM ( NKB.com $31,000) | This is the second, consecutive week that a 'New TLD' name has beaten the Top .COM )

RON JACKSON >> The "buyer was Dubai's Sanjay Shah, the man who started the well-known Autism Rocks charity."

Other nTLD Sales: Star.CASINO €10K (approx. US$11,200) | ForSale.UNO $2.5K | Cyber.NETWORK $1,999 | Website.WORLD $1,999 | Tesla.ENERGY $1,499 | Next.KOELN EUR 1K (appx. US$1,120) (Koeln is the German spelling/name for the city of Cologne)

Top .TRAVEL: Mallorca.TRAVEL €2,559 (appx. US$2,866)

(While .TRAVEL is a (relatively) unknown TLD - it is an 'Old TLD' - not a 'New' one)

Other .TRAVEL Sales: Allicante.TRAVEL €1,510 (appx. US$1,691) | Venice.TRAVEL $1,161

Percentage of .COMs:

Thurs., May 14 = 14 out of 21 = 66.67% (21, due to a (4-way) 'tie' at #20)

Fri., May 29 = 14 out of 20 = 70%

Sat., June 13 = 37 out of 40 = 92.50%

(20 x 2 Weeks of DN Sales - Ron was on vacation in Arizona for a few days)

Thurs., June 18 = 12 out of 20 = 60%

Thurs., June 25 = 15 out of 20 = 75% / (Dates are as per the local time in India)


dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm excerpts:

For the Second Week in a Row a Six-Figure New gTLD Takes the Top Spot on the Domain Sales Chart

By Ron Jackson

New gTLDs are starting to make some noise in the domain aftermarket. It is still very early in the game but for the second week in a row a new top level domain has taken the top spot on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. Just a week after Wine.club topped the elite list at $140,000, Autism.rocks climbed to the summit with a $100,000 sale at Sedo that is the 4th highest non .com gTLD sale reported so far this year.



[ See More (including Ron's full article and the complete, weekly list of the TOP 20 DN Sales) at:
dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm ]
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