New Dream Team? Kellie & Mike Move to Tampa to Help Make DNC's Wish Come True

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The new December Cover Story is out at Many of you know that southeast Florida (the Miami to Palm Beach corridor) is one of the epicenters of the domain world, but things are a little quieter in our part of the Sunshine State in Tampa on Florida's Gulf coast. Here seeing industry friends face to face usually involves a trip to the airport, so we are quite to happy to have not just one, but two highly respected industry veterans as new neighbors in our hometown.

Kellie Peterson arrived first after being named President of DNC Holdings, the parent company of several Internet enterprises including the popular registrar Kellie, who is well-known from her time with the Endurance International Group and, then brought another long time friend into the fold, persuading Mike Robertson (who first gained fame with to move all the way from Australia to serve as DNC's Business Development Director.

With Kellie and Mike now holding court in DNC's spacious Tampa office building there is a lot going on in our backyard especially with their plan to ramp up growth for the various DNC properties. You can read their story here: New Dream Team? Kellie Peterson & Mike Robertson Have Moved to Tampa to Help Make DNC's Wish for Explosive Growth Come True

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