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The new domain sales report is out at The .coms again dominate our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart, sweeping 17 of the top 20 sales reported over the past two weeks. However, there was good news on other fronts as well. The non .com gTLDs saw one of their five biggest sales of the year to date and the ccTLDs produced one of their 10 biggest sales of 2020. You can get all of the details here:

Also, we have published a new Cover Story that you won’t want to miss. Everyone is wondering how domain sales will hold up in the face of the current Covid-19 pandemic so we contacted a dozen of the leading domain brokers in the industry to get the latest information from the front lines. You can read that in depth report here: Can Domains Win a War With Covid-19? A Dozen Leading Brokers Weigh in On Business Conditions Now and What Happens Next


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