New Domain Sale Website Concept Using WP - Thoughts ?


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I am interested on any thoughts about this setup ?

I spent probably 3-4 hours putting in what I have so far,

I know I need to add a navigation where a user sees the list of domains which takes them to the posts etc ... But I wanted some general thoughts on this. I might try to make this into a "Domain Portfolio" script using WP Plugins etc ..

Thoughts ? Opinions ? Would you purchase something like this that made it easy to import your domain portfolio, automatically check the Google Exact Search Results, Pull Acronyms for LLL names, So on ... What features would you want ??

Is the current look rough on the eyes or easy ?

Any opinions would be great, many domains to add and much work to do still.


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my thoughts, without any order :).

- Putting the acronyms list for LLL type domains is a very good idea. Just a remark, maybe the presentation can be more condensed, to improve lisibilty, for instance:

Domain For Sale : RYL.IN

Google : 18,100 Exact Global Search results for [ryl]

Short List of Acronyms :
Risk Your Life (gaming, MMORPG)
Ryland Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
RecoverYourLife (self help website)
Ruin Your Life (precursor to Recover Your Life)
Read You Later
Reprogram Your Life, LLC (est. 1977; Silver Spring, MD)

BIN Price : $20 USD
To claim, POST “SOLD†in the comment box below

Now Just Make Payment :


- The number of Google search results displayed on your website seems low. answers millions of results for FOJ.IN for instance.

- The colors and font are great and easy to read.

- Displaying the number of Google search results is also a very good idea.

- Maybe, adding a link to the same name for .com/.net/.org extensions can help the buyer to take a decision about the domain quality.

Very good work !


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domaining, thank you for the input. I agree with condensing it. I was thinking that as I looked at my end result last night. All this has been done manually so far but I am thinking of paying for the programming to do this all automatically and charging a fee for it eventually.

As far as the number of results, those are the number of exact searches for that term not the number of pages showing up :) I suppose I could add that feature as well and it would help with the marketing of the names too ...

Any other comments are appreciated. This is going to be a work in progress for some time. Getting the exact layout I want etc, then I think I might have a programmer make it automatic for whatever they charge and sell the script so it does this without the hours I have put in. I think it took me about 4 hours just to list 40-50 names last night and I was speeding through it haha So the time saved and making it SEO friendly etc should be worth paying for it. I know I would of gladly paid $79 - $99 for a script like this to save me the time I am spending inputting all this data. Just a matter of figuring out the how - and those are projects I like :)

Even got the perfect domain : :))


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I did some more updates, compressed the acronym listings and added a few more features. Anyone else care to give me some input now ?

Critical input is more appreciate than "Good Job" is to be honest ...

Please, be brutally honest. I see some short sights, just interested in if others feel the same. Main thing is the buying process - I feel like someone may be interested in the domain, but hesitate in purchasing on "blind faith" it is deliver. Interested in general thoughts on that as well as layout.
looking goood so far.
tbh i was thinking about starting such site but what worries me is a lot of ppl trying to do direct deals as whois info is available easily because of no privacy for .in domains.
is there any solution to that ?
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