New Domain Push vs Tranfer frm Mitsu Queries


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I bought few Domain Names last month through Mitsu.
Hope I sell it Now through "Domain Push" rather than "Domain Transfer".

1. Is there any issues associated with the same for me and the buyer.

Even thought Mitsu Registrar is famous among all the Inforum member, I am not sure it is famous for the people all round the globe.
2. Is mitsu famous and accepted for all the global domainers ?
3. Will the people interested in the Domain Push if I denote that I have registered it through Mitsu?

What if the Person does not have a Mitsu Account
3. 1. Do I have to create a new account for him ? OR
3. 2. Do i have to tell the buyer to create one for himself.
If so does it dimnish his intrests on the sales process ? OR
3.3 Do I have to wait for two months for a Domain Transfer ?

4. Do you have any similar experiences. Have you faced such an problem earlier, or dealt with this kind of experience ?

I am a newbie into Domaining. Please kindly excuse for my ignorance if any, for the questions raised. Thanks in Advance for your help.
Personally I love Mitsu and consider it as the best and will continue to use its services again.


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30 or 60 days after you buy you can provide an EPP code and they can transfer it out. When dealing with end users and not resellers they are going to request this anyways. If dealing with a reseller you should be able to get them to push - just have them sign up for a free mitsu account and push accordingly.


if you tell the buyer , that he/she had just to open up a free account at mitsu and that this will speed up everything the buyer will be happy.

+ good prices at mitsu
+ you can push domain in seconds
+ new owner will have the domain immediately
+ mitsu is a trusted provider

So there will be no negativ stuff,

ok just one thing, you may sell the domain for a too low price :)


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