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A new Cover Story is out at With the release of his best selling book Get Rich Click! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet in May, veteran domain investor/developer Marc Ostrofsky gave the domain industry a prominent place in the mainstream media spotlight (including recognition on national TV) - and it's not the first time he's done that. 12 years ago Ostrofsky almost single handedly created a frenzy of interest in domain names when he sold in a deal valued at $7.5 million - a new world record at the time (and one that was documented by the Guinness Book of World Records). After being developed the domain sold again for $345 million and Ostrofsky also got a share of the profits from that deal. Even though Ostrofsky's name has been synonymous with domains for more than a decade, they are just the latest chapter in a much bigger entrepreneurial success story that hasn't been told in its entirety until now.You can read the whole story here: Born for Business: How Marc Ostrofsky Went From a Lemonade Stand to the New York Times Best Seller List


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