Nestle retains iconic domain name

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    Company that trademarks old names filed cybersquatting complaint against

    It’s not often that you see a big corporation on the receiving end of a UDRP. But that was the case with a just-decided case involving the domain name, which is owned by Nestle.

    The history of ChipWich is quite interesting, too. It was the name of an ice cream sandwich using two chocolate chip cookies back in the early 1980s. The company struggled, and Nestle bought the brand in 2007.

    Nestle abandoned its U.S. trademark for ChipWich after that. That’s where the complainant comes in.

    Jeff Kaplan runs a company called Retrobrands, which trademarks old brands that have abandoned their U.S. trademarks. Retrobrands got a stylized trademark for ChipWich back in 2011, then waited until 2016 to go after the domain name.

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