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Unfortunately, there have been a lot of negative posts on lately. I believe that the forum has gotten far too negative. Instead of being a place for healthy discussion and exchange of ideas, it has become a bit of a battleground.

In a way I suppose that is a positive sign - it shows that the market has matured and that there is a lot of money worth fighting over, which is quite a change from the early days. However, the negativity is not what I want for the forum.

In light of this, I am introducing the following rule:

If a member raises an issue about the .IN Registry's or their agents' (registrars') integrity or makes an attack on another member, then it must be supported by evidence and the member must provide the forum Administrator with their full name and contact details and documents confirming their name and contact details. If a member fails to comply with this rule, their post will be deleted.

As you can see, the rule doesn't prevent negative posts. It simply ensures a standard that:

1. accusations must be substantiated, and
2. accusations can't be anonymous.
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