Need a Designer for a Simple Website


I am looking for a reasonable designer for a new website concept I plan to build. The website will be relatively simple. If you offer such services please PM me. Preferably a Mumbai based designer.
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we can give you better quality web designing service to You . we have 5 year experience people for web designing.


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if it's simple you're after then why not try and do it yourself. you can setup a website so quick and easily by just using drag and drop features and uploading any graphics/pics if needed an install e-commerce. yes, you will have to take out a little time, but you can save hundreds or thousands in fees


Member does not work for me because for a basic website too the minimum additional cost i would have to incur is $5-10 per month. Its more feasible to just pay a designer to design it for once. btw does anyone offer managed hosting here for cheap? I am building 3-4 minisites for which i need hosting but i am not very proficient with managing the hosting, installing additional websites etc.


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Hello daddybear,
You can contact us for more.
You need hosting which offers additional domain hosting.
Get a free quote on all your problems and solutions.
Thank You.


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we are mumbai based and give you the best design in simple for your website.for more consultant you can call +91 - 9820937711.
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