Nano Car, Now Nano Homes


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Perhaps Nano car owners might be interested in Nano homes. ;)

Dubbed ?Nano homes? by the Indian media, Tata?s housing project will sell one-room, 283 sq ft flats, less than half the size of a squash court, for 390,000 rupees (?5,200) on the outskirts of Mumbai ? a city where property prices compete with those in London or New York.

A more expensive option, for 670,000 rupees (?9,000) is 465 sq ft and has a living room and separate bedroom.

Obviously, these homes are very small. However, the article states that it is likely that millions of slum-dwellers will be interested in these homes and that "Parents don't want their children to grow up in unhygienic shanties."

It is the dream of anyone in the world to own their own house

Not true. It's never been a dream of mine. :p
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