NamesCon Day Three Explores Crypto and Domaining Intersection


Day’s One and Two are down in the books, and NamesCon Day Three is up to bat.

Full steam ahead did the third day lead off with a Domain Name Industry Drivers keynote given by Verisign’s Scott Schnell. Scott discussed and expressed thoughts around a number of items, one being the likely resurgence of .net values amongst a sea of new gTLDS.

However, it was the Fireside Chat (moderated by Richard Lau) with Drew Rosener and Jen Sale that had attendees at full attention and on the edge of their seats seeking valuable insight of what’s at the heart of the intersection between crypto and domaining.

And in between keynotes and chats, there were a number of sessions. One my favorite sessions of NamesCon Day Three was Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals. This session feature the domain industry’s top brokers providing insight about how to appraise and evaluate domain names.

The session was delivered as billed, yet went over the top with an impromptu game of “How much is it worth?”. This game livened the session up as attendees rattled off names from their own domain portfolios for a panel of brokers to express an approximate valuation. It was so lively that the session went a few minutes long.



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