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My hosting has an offer called NameSafe, which protects our domain from unauthorized changes. It works like two-step verification in e-mails to ensure security when we want to change the settings. Sounds pretty interesting, but I wonder if I should really pay more to protect my domain so much. Do you have experience using NameSafe?


I have no experience with NameSafe, but the question you place is correct, is the protection worth the money you need to pay?
I have not used Namesafe. In fact, I don't think I have seen this feature before. What I do have is Whois protection. This will hide the owner details of my domain. It's free for the first year with every new domain I register.


That's pretty great Aree, thanks for the information. Privacy is a big deal and having it free for one year is important.
If you want to renew your Whois protection after you have finished the first free year, you don't have to pay through your nose. It's only $2.88 per year after that. That's the price given by Namecheap, the service I use.


I am impressed that they only charge $2.88 per year, but at the same time I do wonder how they manage to run a business charging that little.
It's all in the numbers. When you multiply that $2.88 with thousands of users, that's a lot of money. It's like selling certain domain extensions for a very low price. Like dot online. You can get that for only 88 cents for the first year. I am sure the registrar doesn't make any money for the first year. It's the second year renewal that gives them some profit.


That's true, they put lower prices, but like you mention they might get thousands and thousands of users, so that's money coming in.


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I haven't heard about NameSafe before but I know some domain registrars that enable this kind of protection on the domains to prevent the domain being transfered to another registrar. What I've seen is that usually this protection is on by default and you have to pay if you want it to be disabled.


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