Namebio turns 10. It's one of the most useful tools for a domainer


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Staff member is an extremely useful resource.
Whether you are looking for what is hot in the industry, how much should you price your names for, how much should you acquire a name for looking at similar names sold recently, this is one of the most useful tool that I find as a domainer.

"NameBio was launched on November 15, 2006 by Justin Allen, those of you who have been around the industry for a while may know him as Spade on the forums. It was launched with just a few thousand sales totaling less than $50 million.

Then in 2011 the site was acquired by legendary domain investor Adam Strong and for years it was run by the talented team behind Whoisology and Domain Agents. They grew NameBio into the leader in tracking domain sales data."

Read the article on namebio

I think this one is definitely a bookmark stuff for a domainer.
It really is an amazing resource - and Michael has made some incredible improvements to it over the last year.


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