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As well as aggregating domain blogs, is now including Twitter, domain news stories and forum posts. I think this is a great idea and a smart move by NameBee. I'm almost tempted to ask why would you want to leave the NameBee site, but I won't because INForum would miss you. ;) :D

What's your favourite domain-related aggregation site?


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Ceres, thank you for the kind words. We worked long and hard trying to bring innovative features to Our thought was exactly as you said. To aggregate information across many different verticals on one website. We are now covering Blogs, Forums, Twitter and General Domain Name News.

Obviously if you are a member of forums, there are so many posts you have to go to the forum direct to get all of the information that forum has to offer. But our new layout can be a good starting point to people that might not read the forums everyday - and are looking for more news and information in the domain name industry.

There is more work that needs to be done on the Forum tab as well. Depending on how people react we have a few ideas what needs to be improved already.

Ceres: What's your favourite domain-related aggregation site?
Andrew: I would have to say :)



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Hey Andrew, welcome to INForum. :)

Sounds like you have some good development plans for NameBee. Will you eventually offer advertising on your website?


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At this point we do not have plans for it. Though there have been quite a few people asking about that this week.


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