My First Registered Domain!! yaay!
Hi Kussy,

By the looks of things this was a "hand registered" domain by yourself and not purchased in any domain aftermarket. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think it is a very nice name with many potential uses and considering almost every other major domain extension of the name has been registered it proves that others have the same thought.

I think as a name for type-in traffic it may not get that many visitors but it could be semi-developed into a mini site and make some decent money from Google AdSense and/or affiliate products like loans or credit cards.

Nice pick up!


Ed Keay-Smith
fastmoney definitely worth something, around high xx to mid xxx.

BTW is regged since 2005.
I think both are decent hand registrations and I'd peg both of them at mid $xx. Like Ed said, you can make a decent minisite and I think you'd get a pretty high CPC on this topic. I don't usually care much for brandable domains, but I think that is a good one.
Cool domain!

If I had this, I would create a blog with reviews of 4 or 5 services that can be used to send "fast money" to India, add affiliate links (to those same services) and publish ads from one of the big advertisers like Google.

If you sell, I guess you would get only about low $xxx.

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