my first .guru purchase


Just picked up my first .guru. The extension connotes that you are a professional or "an expert" or "the best" at something so had to pick this name up. Two interesting facts about this domain:

1) I tried to register the .co when .co was released, but procrastinated for a few days and it was gone. Made sure not to make the mistake this time around with .guru

2) The domain is sitting in my Godaddy account and I have full control of the site but when looking up a whois on the domain, it is displaying someone else's information currently? It shows the same registration date as when I registered it, but someone else's name? - pretty weird!

Here is the domain

and here is the info on whois: WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools

Anyone else have issues like this where you have the domain in your account but shows someone else's registration info?
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This is really strange...
I registered a .technology Domain last month, but didn't face any such issues !


Just changed the info through GoDaddy, and called them up looking for an explanation. They said that since it was a new extension sometimes there are multiple parties that are registering it and maybe someone else had not followed through completely on their order.

Very odd reply..

Anyway its all good now! Thanks Jeff..


Finally fixed. I contacted the registrant that was listed there and she mentioned that she had registered a .us recently and has been getting similar emails ever since.
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