Morgan Linton's analysis of BrandBucket’s April Sales Data

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BrandBucket, one of the go-to domain name marketplaces for startups published their April sales report last week and, as usual, there were some pretty interesting insights in it. Since insights sounds boring, I decided to bring back a word, that I don’t think is a real word, but should be, so I’m using it – factoid. did a nice rundown of all the data in sales report so if you want to do a deeper dive I recommend giving that post a read.

This time around BrandBucket added a new piece of data to their report – how long it takes a domain name to sell on average through the marketplace, and that’s where I’ll kick off my three interesting factoids.

  1. On average it takes two years and two months for a domain to sell through BrandBucket – I think this is an incredibly interesting data point and hopefully it also gives you an indication of how long, realistically, you can expect to hold a domain before selling it.

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