Morgan Linton on responding to offers on your domains

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    One thing you learn pretty quickly as a domain investor is that most of the inbound offers you get are for a lot less than you’d be willing to accept. The reality is, most people have no idea how much domain names sell for so they really have no concept of what a “reasonable” offer actually is.

    A few years ago I brokered the $850,000 sale of a 2L .COM. The sale went to someone who made an inbound offer that started at $500,000 and went up from there. What I thought was so interesting (and still find interesting) is that over the course of the time I was fielding inbounds, I’d say the average offer price I got was $500. When I would respond and tell people that we’re only accepting offers in the high six-figure range…well let’s just say I got some interesting responses.

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