Morgan Linton on re-pricing your .COM domains after the sale

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his is the question that was at the top of everyone’s mind in Portugal at NamesCon Europe last week, and I can tell you the general consensus was – yes!

The reality is, a $30M sale of a one-word .COM does change things a bit. Now if five years passes and no domains are publicly announced with a sale price in this range, it might carry less weight…but at the moment, it’s one of the most recent comps in the .COM space.

Of course, this gets back to the question of “comps” and how relevant they are since in reality all domain names are unique. This concept came up during a panel I was on with Ammar Kubba, Andrew Rosner, and Joe Styler at NamesCon. I think we all agreed that there really are no actual “comps” that exist, sure you can find similar domains, but unlike real estate, no two domains are the same.

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