Morgan Linton: Domain Investing News Highlights for the week of April 8th, 2019

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    So I decided to get creative and put together a new image for my weekly news highlights. Looking at it now, I’m thinking it might be more ridiculous than I intended since I do have a pretty big goofy face, in cartoon or photographic form. But I’m going with it.

    Another week is now behind us and as usual there was a lot going on in the Domain Investing world. I’ve done my best to highlight stories that I think you’ll find interesting, and can help you stay in the loop if you’ve had a busy week away from the domain name world.

    So let’s dive in – here’s what happened in the Domain Investing world last this week!

    • Constantine Roussos and DotMusic won the rights to .MUSIC domain namesread more on
    • Go Daddy announced the addition of bidder IDs to their online auctionsread more on
    • An Italian bank bowed out of its dot-brand TLD…while another company moved away from it’s .COM in favor of it’s .BRAND – read more on (First story) (Second Story)
    • was the highest reported sale at $135,000 followed by for $65,500read more on
    • English domain names might be starting to trend in Chinaread more on
    • .COM expirations outpaced registrations at Go Daddy in Decemberread more at