Morgan Linton: Discusses whether the focus on expired domains is right

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One of my favorite domain investors on Twitter is a guy named Josh Reason (cool name right?). What I like about Josh is he’s always sharing what he’s doing, what he’s learning, and asking great questions along the way. Recently he announced the sale of for $7,910, a domain that he purchased for $700 a week earlier.

First, before you get too excited. Don’t take individual sales like these out of context. If all of us could just buy a domain for $700 and flip it for around $8k, we’d be doing it all day long and probably living on a pretty kick ass island, aptly called Domainer Island.

But we’re not, and we live in a slightly different world that’s still pretty darn cool IMO. Domain name investing offers incredible opportunities and I have been a huge proponent of two-word .COMs for a long time now because things like this can and do happen. That being said, you need to pick the right name and buy at the right price.

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