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About 6 months ago I made a list of about 500+ & .in domains that I was looking at registering.

I purchased about 100+ of the ones that I like the best and left the rest for later or in this case other people.

One domain that I did not register was A very good name but I had others to deal with.

Well checking back on it and others I see that quite a few of them have been registered by companies and NOT (as far as I can tell) by domainers.

The company that now owns is a manufacturer in India of you guessed it! PVC Pipes.

It is a trend that I think will get stronger as the Indian domain market gets more recognition from the Indian population.

What other choice do local Indian businesses have if the .com of their generic domain is gone? Hey lets get our own ccTLD instead. It will be a great deal cheaper and in most cases more relevant to people in India.

IMHO the Indian market is where the .com market was 10 years ago.

If you do your research and look at the stats for strong keyword rich domains you WILL find some great unregistered domains today that someone or some company will want tomorrow or 6 months from now.

I am putting a great deal of time and money into this and I am confident that it will pay off over the next few years.

Shame I did not register, could of had a buyer.

PS. is still available ;)


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Very good points. I've noticed the same thing too. At this point, it's really just a matter of patience. In 5 years, everyone will look back to today and say that they wish they had been involved in the .in space back then...


Very good points. I've noticed the same thing too. At this point, it's really just a matter of patience. In 5 years, everyone will look back to today and say that they wish they had been involved in the .in space back then...

I think it's what we all hope :)


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according to me .IN is still not living upto its expectations..we are coming closer but I still don't see why we are not in the top ccTLD's..i think a lot of people still prefer a .com instead of .in..and this attitude I think, needs to change..


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It is changing - and quickly. It still takes some time though.

Its only just one or 2 years since its inception. So i think it will take more time to reach out to the common mass. India has over a 110 billion population. Only a minor portion of them works with internet. But this increases every year. So as the internet using population increases, the awareness of the .IN domain will also increase.


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This is what I had anticipated while buying my choice of domains. I had bought a few domains and from them couple of domains that had were bought be an MNC in India for really good price.


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One thing that I have noticed personally is that there are no big domainers who have a huge portfolio of .IN domains..or if there are, then they are probably stagnant..I mean those people really increase the number of registrations and boost the sales in the domain after market as well..
I was just trying to register and

The plural version wasn't available and on checking I found that a highly reputed indian company who is into manufacturing one such product has already taken it and has built a site.

It is only while staying in the home page "" can be seen in the URL. Click any other link, and you will be redirected to the company's (original) website.

This is case where a highly reputed company has gone for a generic, broad-level, product related .in domain name - not the The singular version though, as I draft this post, is still available.

I personally thought that this augurs well for the .in domain aftermarket. In the meanwhile, there are many product and service related generic domain names still available in the .in extn.



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Thanks PeopleNet Global! - Just like you chose not :D
I find that it is only while taking the Brand Name domain names and Company Name domain names, people usually opt for the extensions. Otherwise, it is the .in that's opted by default.

May I request not to go entirely by my word though. You could get it validated. I am eager and open to have other opinions.

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