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Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale MONKEYS.IO

The term "monkeys" has 1.5 BILLION search results in Google.

MONKEYS keyword is an perfect fit for an .io extension.

  • Could be used to brand an Gaming app.
  • Extremely brandable name for any tech or web startup.
  • Single word, easy to remember name.
There are reasons why .io domains have recently become so popular with businesses, individuals, and shrewd domain investors...

They're short, sound good, and .io domains perform well in Google's search results. The reason for this is because they've been added to the geotargetable domains list.

Microsoft bought for $24,600 and I recently sold on flippa for $2,000, for $3,500, for $1,950, for $1,950, and many other .io domains privately.

And it looks like Elasticsearch just bought for $30,000.

And Many of the companies which use .io also have venture capital funding, so they're likely to be the future large and influential companies on the web. As an example:

But it's not only startups that are getting in on the act. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo also have .io domains.

Microsoft snapped up for $24,600. Google owns, Yahoo owns, and Disney owns, amongst others.

Private sales are also happening direct to companies. Like with when they rebranded to a .io domain.

Even the US government is happy to use .io domains.

Blog posts have been written on the new-found popularity of .io domains. Such as this post: The Rise of .io Domain Names for APIs.

Wikipedia also notes: ".io domains are popular with new startup companies."

Thanks and good luck with the auction!


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