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In the case, the respondent willingly transferred the domain to Mobil Petroleum Company after being made aware of the complaint:

On 24th January 2010, the Respondent informed me by email that mobil in German means mobile in English. He had plans developing this website under the disputed domain name <>. He came to know that Exxon Mobil had an interest too in the disputed domain name <>.

The Respondent has not even been aware that Exxon Mobil internationally uses the domain mobil and there can be a conflict. And he is not in the least interested in any form of using domains of big, international companies. Considering all this he agreed to give this disputed domain name <> to the Complainant. He was ready to send the transfer code for a fast processing via email.
I didn't know that mobil means mobile in German.

We have seen a few Indian domains that target a German and/or international audience. Example here.

BTW, as mentioned here, the domain was parked and showed links related to the oil industry. My guess is that they were automated links.
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