Mitsu Sponsoring : Free Registration at WDD

Mitsu is Sponsoring Free Registration at India's First Domainers Conference, Please register at below given link, Invite already sent to our all Customers and Resellers.

We will personally recommend every domainers to come and attend this First conference in India , where you will get only opportunity to interact with .IN Registry officials and experts. .IN Registry and Afilias is also among the sponsors. This event is handle by professionals and backed by experienced domain name industry leaders so we can expect a memorable event. Few years back Mitsu held the small conference of domainers at Hyderabad and that event was hit.. so we hope you will really enjoy this one too.....

Use coupon code MITSU . Register Free at :

Also if you use the code MITSU15 ( Pay US$15 ) ( ) - you are in for some SURPRISES and Gifts at the conference.

Donot Miss this opportunity......and be the part of History.. As soon as you register will become part of India's First Domainers Conference..... Keep your Conference Badge as memorabilia......

As soon as you register using Mitsu Codes.....Your name will be kept in Lucky Draw at Conference......

If you register using above Mitsu codes and also register your presence at conference... you will get discount codes for Mitsu products.

Hurry...Limited Free Registrations are available......
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Wow - that's a $125 saving - very generous of Mitsu! You'd be a fool not to use that discount code.

Can people who are not going but are Mitsu customers enter into the draw?


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Very thankful to you Mitsu.
That's a great opportunity for new Domainers to learn. That too, free a cost.
Great initiative!!


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