Military intelligence officer turned Domainer launches Domain.Buzz


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Tim Culpepper, a Military Intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, turned domainer and launched Domain.Buzz, a domain news aggregator of mostly domain blogs and publications along the lines of and but has sections for Domain Sales Reports and Trends, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Tech.

According to the story, Mr. Culpepper, who had been paying off his loans for ten years, and he still had five years of loan payments left when he became impatient and decided he needed to earn some extra income with a part-time business.
The Department of Defense permits service members to run their own business as long as it does not interfere with their official duties.
Here is what he says:

“I’m in the military; I can be sent overseas at anytime. So a traditional online business won’t work. I knew back in 2009 that if I started an eBay business, for example, the business would die if I were sent overseas. I needed a business model that would sustain itself in my absence. I realized I had a major flaw in my plan. I was launching sites on terrible domain names. My first-time visitors did not remember the domain names, so they never returned. My primary business is building websites that provide value to my visitors, and recurring income to me. I’ve managed to acquire a few really nice domains, and I’m of course not opposed to selling them. So this makes me a domain investor of sorts. Specifically, I try to complement the normal domain investor news with stories on entrepreneurship and small business, which provide inspiration to most domain investors, all of whom are entrepreneurs. I also curate stories in emerging tech. I like this field in particular because domain investors appreciate tips regarding new technology.
When I was selecting the name for, my timing just happened to coincide with the launch of hundreds of new TLDs. Of all the options available, I felt .buzz offered three strong reasons for selection that are important to me: excitement, aggressive marketing and influence.
When you go to a .buzz website, you feel as if you’re being let in on a secret, you’re getting insider information, you feel special. .buzz is the most appropriate Top Level Domain for a news site discussing all that’s occurring within an industry. Did you hear the latest 'buzz about this or that?”

The press release can be read here


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