Mike Mann's gigantic sale of jazzyou.com

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    I saw an interesting tweet from Domain Investor Mike Mann yesterday after announcing the sale of JazzYou.com, a domain he bought for $20 three years ago and sold for $24,888 today. Here’s the tweet:

    First – that’s an awesome flip, and second – please remember, Mike owns a ton of domains so don’t think that you can just go out there and buy domains for $20 and flip them for $24k all day long. If you could, or I could, we’d all be living on an island somewhere together, we’d call it Domainer Island, and yes – it would be awesome.

    Okay, now back to the post. In this tweet Mike makes a very interesting statement, “$24,888 seems to be my sweet spot pricing.” Given that I see Mike selling a lot of two-word .COMs I take this to mean this seems to be a good price point for these names since I don’t think that’s a sweet spot for one-word .COMs or two-word .NETs.

    I’ll include Mike in the Tweet as I’d be interested to see if I’m reading into this right, but if I am, it’s some really interesting data to have, and very nice to Mike to share that with the rest of us.

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