Mike Mann: “.com is still king and always will be”


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Mike Mann made a short video for the GDS (Global Domain Summit) 2017 conference in China and posted it on Facebook and on YouTube on what appears to be his new channel.

Among other things he said that “.com is still king and always will be” and that “there will never be another domain extension that will get as high of price on average as the .coms in the secondary domain name market.”

Mike Mann said that he is selling the occasional .net, .org and .co and that the New gTLD market is a bubble. He also said that the average sold price of his .com domains is currently at $3,500.

He said that .com is going up in value and all other extensions are going down in value. Finally he said that the low-end .coms and the New gTLD never had and will never have value.

You can view the video here


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