Mark Monitor Has to Protect Their own Intellectual Property


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Mark Monitor is usually out there to protect the intellectual interests of their clients. Recently they had to look out for their own ip assets and won a UDRP with regards to the name

The Panel found that the Complainants have proven that the disputed domain name was registered and is being used in bad faith.

Link to the case on WIPO


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The WIPO document is quite an interesting read actually. I enjoy reading court write ups of things like this. The interesting thing is that it was up to MarkMonitor to prove that the site MarkMonitors was 1) identical or confusingly similar, 2) rightful and legitimate and 3) registered in bad faith. The only one which might have been difficult to rebut was that it was rightful and legitimate, and essentially the only reason they proved this with such ease is that the defendant didn't even show up to put forth their own case. But it certainly was identical and confusingly similar as apparently they barely changed anything about the logo, and they proved that it was registered in bad faith as it offered external links to sites which were directly in competition with MarkMonitor.


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