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Fundamentally, you have to know your target customer. My thinking is that it is best to have a blog attached to the business site. The approach has always been to try and convert a visitor in my site to a potential buyer. On the other hand, brand recognition should also be tied to actually making the reader informed.


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It is always a good idea to have a blog attached to your site. You owe the visitor coming to your site a lot and informing them is the least of these.Converting a visitor to a potential buyer isn't also easy as such so the choice of language has to be convincing.


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At times, converting a normal visitor to a potential buyer isn’t easy, especially with the way competition continues to become a thorn in the flesh. Having a blog isn’t a bad idea but there should be value in the content therein.


Having a blog attached to your site is one thing, but continuously updating it with relevant and up-to-date information is another. At times, you see businesses trying too hard to woo potential customers when all you need to do is potray your site as a one-stop-shop.


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