Mailchimp overhauls audience definition in new plans

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Company makes change as it introduces new features beyond email.

Popular email marketing platform Mailchimp is making a radical change to its pricing structure as it grows into a more-than-email marketing platform. The change goes into effect today for new customers. Existing customers are grandfathered into the existing structure unless they change their plan.

The big change is how Mailchimp defines an audience, which is how account tiers are priced. As an email marketing platform, Mailchimp charged a monthly fee based on how many current subscribers a customer had. Now Mailchimp offers more than email marketing so it is redefining the audience.

The audience used to calculate fees now includes people who have unsubscribed from mailing lists as well as people captured in the system that never subscribed, such as someone who signed up to attend a customer’s webinar.

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