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Hi all,

I have been looking for a local Indian hosting company with good value hosting plans but I am coming up short.

I am in the process of developing approx 30 of my .co.in & .in domains and I want them to all be hosted in India. I have several hosting accounts with US, UK & Aust companies and need a good Indian host.

I pref to use Linux based hosting with C/Panel to keep it simple and uniform for my staff to manage.

When I do IP lookups on some of the supposed "local Indian servers" they are all based in US & UK.

Any feedback welcome.


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Have you checked ResellersClub.com? I use them for domains and they do a good job. They offer U.S. and India-based hosting.


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Thanks Steve - that's a good idea.

I may well give them a go. I originally went with them as a place for cheap domains, but they have turned out to be surprisingly good.


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Thanks Jeff,

Had a look but their servers are based in the US not India - see below -
NOC4Hosts Inc.
400 N Tampa St
Tampa, FL

IP Admin

Which brings me back to the same challenge. Finding a good quality, value for money web host that is based and its servers are based in India.

May the quest continue !! :)

For now though I have started hosting my Indian targeted sites eg. Water Purifiers & Home Water Purifiers for Indian Families on my UK hosting server and will see how they go.

Thanks again for all your help and to others who replied to my post.

I greatly appreciate it.


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I have used ResellerClub's India hosting (its actually based in India..in Mumbai)..the hosting has no problems whatsoever..however the only problem is that the plans are not flexible enough..


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I noticed today when I was checking out of Mitsu that they offered India hosting packages.

I wrote Mitsu and they confirmed that the hosting servers were located in India (Mumbai) (although for some reason, the email servers are in the US, but I don't think that matters).

I'm going to "take one for the team" and I've just signed up for a package to see how it goes. You have to prepay at least 6 months, but it's very cheap. I signed up for the "MLRegular" plan which is INR 199/mo. It includes 2000 MB web space, 1 mysql database, and 5000 MB monthly transfer. You need to pay extra for email accounts and dedicated IP addresses (I haven't done this).

I'll keep this thread updated with my experiences.


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The IP address I'm going to be on seems to be in Pune, rather than Mumbai.


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Here's some more feedback.

I'm actually having some trouble transferring my website over. The set up at Mitsu is a lot more complicated than standard cpanel hosting.

As well, the only way to access the hosting control panel is via your Mitsu account. That means that if you want someone to help out with your hosting, you pretty much have to give them access to your Mitsu account and hope that they don't push all your domains out. That is obviously far from ideal.

So, I'd strongly suggest setting up a separate Mitsu account for each website you want to host.
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