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Hi All,

I would like to form a group very specific LLL.in domainers.

Objective : To secure the investments by sharing the best practices and getting the multifold revenues and profits year on year

Qualification Criteria:

1. Should own atleast 50 LLL.in domains or 100 LLL.in + LLL.co.in domains
2. Inforum.in members only considered

I would like to schedule some free conference calls among this group and also form a specific private discussion forum , the idea is to develop a win win formula.

Interested friends can Feel free to share your ideas. I am serious and would like to take this one further

I want to restrict this group to only 5 members to begin with. First come first preference.

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Very good idea!

But maybe the qualification criteria are a bit restrictive, IMHO. If the goal is to share information and idea, the most numerous we are, the best it is.


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Agree with your thoughts my friend, we can relax a qualification criteria bit low... But the idea is 2 have the serious LLL.in domainers who can honestly share the monthly leads , monthly sales, month wise learnings of their portfolio... this is a closed group where some trends will be discussed.

LLL.ins are very limited in number and all these are over. So the game started now, if the domainers forms a syndicate it certainly helps the domainers alot. For achieving this one trust is the utmost factor, So thats the reason qualification criteria should be tougher to gain very good benefits out of this programme.

I have slightly reduced the qualification criteria.


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Agree with you too. It could be very interesting to share information on LLL.in, and also NNN.in market.

Other people, what's your opinion?


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thanks dude, very well said. Looking forward to hear from the like minded people ...To be successful in this area we need to have trusted friends.... this is applicable to any field , I feel successful domaining also demands the same principle....


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Yes quickdrop. Forward your contact details through PM. I will give a ring we can discuss further. Offcourse qualification checks will be carried out to verify the accuracy of the number of domains ownership.


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Now a 3 member group is formed, Looking for more interested and like minded people. PM me if you are interested.



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I am working out of state at the moment - I might consider joining as well, think I own roughly 100 at the moment if I remember right.

DUN.IN seems to be the most frequently requested on reseler boards, I have turned down many sub par offers for it. Waiting for that end user, I think I might seek out some soon as I have around $2,000 in renewal fees coming up in a few months - only have $1,000 set aside for it.
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