LLL.in Sales Report Thread

Indeed; great news for us! It's good to be able to see some of the past sales and see how your own .in domains could possibly compare to those sold ones. Thanks for posting this list; it'd be cool if you could keep it regularly updated, too.
Thanks Ace. Excellent price! I'm sure it had to do with the "IN" in "INP."
It looks like Bidder 3 and 4 were really bidding hard - the auction got extended 12 times!
Thanks webistin! Congrats on the sale.

Nice sale!
There is a solid market for premium LLL.IN.

Yes, it's holding up *really* well, especially considering the number of LLL.in on the market and the general state of the economy.
Another great sale!

Each LLL.IN that is sold to an end-user depletes the available inventory by one. It may not seem like a lot considering there are 17,576 combinations but over time this will have a substantial effect.

According to many, XBT is not 'premium' but this shows that we must consider 'Global' or 'Multi-Cultural' PREMIUM letters rather than anglo-centric premium letters.
A couple of nice sales reported in DNJ today:

GHD.in - €1,500 = $2,115
IKA.in - $1,500


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