LLL.in Prices after all are taken


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I wanted to throw some things around and see what you guys think.

From the http://www.3character.com/priceguide.html
* 3-Letter .com - $3200 (+ $150 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .net - $690 (+ $10 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .org - $240 (+ $5 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .info - $130 (+ $5 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .biz - $65 (+ $5 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .us - $110 (+10 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .mobi - $95 (+ $10 since December 1, 2006 report)
* 3-Letter .eu- $100-$150 (we can probably add this as an average too!)

All of these LLLs are registered.

I'm going out on a limb here and guess that LLL .in's are Prooooooobably worth more the .biz, once all are taken.
They will probably even be more than .us within 2-3 years, given the growth of the region.

Here's what I feel LLL.in's will be worth once all of them are tied up.

Immediately after they are all registered: $20-$35
3-6 months after: $35-$50 depending on quality
6-8 months after: $50-$100
12-16 months after: I think we'll hover around $100 until a lot of dropping names all all re-registered
1.5 years -2 years, we'll see $250 prices for even the worst names, and $400 prices for semi-decent names. (this is the time that I see a lot of end-users making several $thousand$ dollar offers on LLL.in's.

What do you guys think?


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Intresting post.

I agree that LLL.in will rank much better than .biz of the medium term at least.

I probably envisage their long-term value being slightly less than or equal to .us.


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Just been reading the thread on NP ref how many LLL.in are left, Looks like something is going on.

Again it will be down to client and customer demand for these names, only time will tell!!!


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The price after all the LLL.in will be taken is hard to appreciate.It is interesting to see in how many months ( I don't think years ) the rest of LLL.in will be reg.

P.S. In 4-5 months we will see that LLL.mobi and LLL.eu are not a profitable market.In that moment it is the time for LLL.in.Just my cent. :p


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True - an extension has to be VERY powerful to sell more than 17,000 LLL domains.

This is especially true with LLL.in when the price is normally over $12, twice the price of .coms.
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