.LLC @ $149.99 (~INR 10,100)/DN/Year, Currently in the SUNRISE Phase >> TM Holders Only May Register


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Currently in the 'SUNRISE' Phase >> Only Trademark Holders - with their TMs Entered into the Global, CENTRALIZED, TM DataBase ( www.trademark-clearinghouse.com ) May Register .LLC domain names during this Phase.)

They may do so at >> www.101domain.com/llc.htm

>> Or at Any Other .LLC Accredited Registrar. The SUNRISE Phase Began Tue, Jun 5, 2018 @ 4 pm GMT and Ends Thu, Jul 5 @ 4 pm GMT/9:30 pm IST/12 noon US EDT.

The 'EARLY ACCESS' Phase Begins @ $44.99 (~INR 3,030) / DN / Year - On Mon, Jul 9 @ 4 pm GMT/9:30 pm IST/12 noon US EDT.

During 'Early Access' >> Anyone (incl. NON Trademark Holders) May Register .LLC domain names. (The 'Early Access' Phase Ends Fri, Jul 20 @ 4 pm GMT/ 9:30 pm IST/12 noon US EDT)

The 'GENERAL AVAILABILITY' Phase Begins @ $29.99 (~INR 2,020) / DN / Year
>> On Mon, Jul 23, 2018 @ 4 pm GMT/9:30 pm IST/12 noon US EDT.

Thereafter, Anyone May Register .LLC domain names on a 'Live' / Real-Time, basis.

One May Register DNs using TLDs other than .LLC (whether 'Old' or 'New' TLDs) at >>

>> www.101domain.com/llc.htm

(.llc LOGO © 101domain / The .LLC Registry)


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