Let’s Not Get Carried Away

Discussion in 'New GTLDs' started by domainking131, Aug 15, 2015.

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    "I think the Google Alphabet thing will have a noteworthy impact on .XYZ domain values but not due to mass adoption. Instead, I think that just like with Dot IO, the price jump will come from startup/tech world adoption. Nothing more, nothing less.

    A lot of domainers are not very good at drawing realistic conclusions.

    If Google would have decided to move the actual search engine to ABC.XYZ then sure, mass adoption would have been facilitated. People use the search engine each and every day, so one plus one equals two. Them registering and using ABC.XYZ in the manner in which they’ll actually do it however will not generate mass adoption. Yes, the news received MASSIVE exposure (even in publications from my country) but people have ridiculously short attention spans."

    A fantastic article about Google adopting .XYZ. Read it here