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Still plenty of false information being spread from a desperate source, trying to salvage pride. So for those who don't still understand the legal order -

1. NIXI won this hands down simply invoking terms of contract which calls for arbitration in case of any dispute
2. The petitioner just sunk approx USD 2000 trying to pick a fight without any merits in the wrong forum
3. Domain owners now have an opportunity to send in appeals to NIXI to be released from interim stay and migrate to a new registrar, you will be represented and heard in a month
4. The arbitration will occur in Delhi and costs will be involved (a investment the petitioner needs to make carefully in my view)
5. The Hon Bombay HC dismissed the petition - it was flawed in the first place given terms of the contract
6. The reasons for termination were not even visited - this petition died before even that stage - killed in it's admission stage

Any other version you here can only have been cooked up by a crook.

Can you provide any information on " Domain owners now have an opportunity to send in appeals to NIXI to be released from interim stay and migrate to a new registrar, you will be represented and heard in a month" I contacted inregistry again, they gave another vague answer
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