Legally stealing traffic


I just saw an ad online that said that there is a way that you can 'legally' steal traffic from your competitors. Of course they wanted some money before they told me how. Do you think that such a thing is possible?


I don't know about you but there is no way 'Legally' and 'Steal' should be in the same sentence. LOL. I don't know of any such way, but I do know that some scammers can actually steal traffic before it reaches your website and redirect it to theirs.


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I was always told that if anybody asked for money prior to providing a service, then that indicates that whatever it is they are doing isn't legit. I may be wrong but those people should be able to provide a demo before asking for money!


I think it's just copy writing stuff with that headline. I don't think there is a way to steal traffic. Because internet only has one type of stealing which is content stealing. No other type of the stealing is going to work. So you have to just take such offers or ads with bit of pinch of salt. And I dont' think we should be paying attention to such ads.


Anyone that claims to offer great tips and advices on the internet today but asks for money in return is most likely a scammer. Especially the sites that sound like "1 thing that will change your life" and similar.

Stealing traffic wouldn't really be classified as a theft in the real life. It is just how marketing works. If you can put down a certain company the legal way and get their traffic, there should be no legal consequences behind it. Or, at least, I have never head of any.


I just saw an ad online that said that there is a way that you can 'legally' steal traffic from your competitors. Of course they wanted some money before they told me how. Do you think that such a thing is possible?
I suspect they are meaning keyword advertising. Work out your competitor's most effective keywords for advertising and searches and you can get traffic that would otherwise target them. It's not stealing, it's legal, and it still costs you money to implement it.


Saying that they can legally steal something should immediately raise a red flag. Them asking for money first should be a second red flag. So, no, whatever they are doing probably isn't legit.


I'd say to try to contact the people via email or whatever channel you can, and ask them what exactly they mean. If they say you still have to end money first, then something isn't right.
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