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is an amazing “single word” “13 year old” domain to have to begin a website in the legal niche. A deponent just to affirm is someone who gives evidence or acts as a witness in court. With such a powerful keyword as your domain name, the chances get up by a thousand times with the user just needing to look at the domain to realize the intent and audience being catered to.

With perspective of the legal market, deponent and deposition are two words that represent a huge majority of professional help seeking legal searches online. This is much voiced by the fact that there are about 493,000 searches coming in for this keyword itself - just imagine the power it will give amongst all of these people just from what this domain represents.
A whole monopoly of legal practices, issues, rules and customs can be made out of this single domain with subdomains like -- yadi yada all coming without paying a penny extra with the domain. Hell, you can make an app, blog, rule book whatever serves your purpose best.

An easy name to remember, single keyword domain and a focus point in the legal perspective. Being 13 years old your site will waste no time coming up in the google search results with the respect aged domains command from the google crawler. This domain will be an absolute jewel in the ownership of the person with intentions to go online on the legal niche. Don’t think twice about going for it, this premium domain is super - its HUGE!


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