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When investing in cctlds like .in. uk, .ca etc, it's important to learn about the different local terms and spellings of each country.

For example, today I was surprised when I came across a particular domain that's soon up for auction on Bido.com. The domain is InjuryAttorney.co.uk. In the UK, they do not say attorney, nor do they have 'attorneys' in the UK! The local term is 'solicitor' (they also have barristers).

As someone that knows the UK quite well, the domain just sounds all wrong to me! :eek: I'm surprised no-one double-checked this domain.

Now what do they say in India? Advocate? Solicitor? Lawyer?


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Now what do they say in India? Advocate? Solicitor? Lawyer?

Hopefully - Solicitor.co.in ;)

And yes, many people do not realiz/se the various nuances, meanings and spellings in the not so simple English language.


Wot, Where to find language specific keywords (Idns - China, russia, japan etc..), Would like to share any keyword lists ? If you want to sell, just let me know the price through PM..


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At the TRAFFIC cctlds silent auction, Jewelers.co.uk sold for 3,600 Euro. That's the American spelling for a British domain. Somebody lost a lot of money :(
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