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    A lawsuit has been filed on the domain name The domain allegedly has been stolen.

    It looks like the plaintiff is stating the domain was stolen in 2015 or early 2016.

    The complaint alleges that the hacker using a stolen username and password successfully “hacked” the MelbourneIT registration account of the Plaintiffs and transferred the Disputed Domain to its current registrar at

    Upon information and belief, this hacker accessed Plaintiffs’ registration account, changed the administrative settings to forward Plaintiffs’ emails and mail to addresses not controlled by the Plaintiffs, and initiated a transfer of the Disputed Domain.

    This hacker apparently changed the mailing address to an address in Menlo Park in California where he could receive mail then subsequently put a privacy service on the registration of the Disputed Domain to hide the fact the hacker had converted it.

    The hacker did not redirect the domain so the website continued to function properly. This meant the plaintiff did not notice the domain had been stolen. The plaintiff contacted who told them they could do nothing for them.

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