Launching The First and Only Official Drop Catch Service for .in and Domains


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There hasn't been any public service to place backorders on expiring .in and names so far, despite the increasing demand from domain name investors for such a portal. I'd like to announce the newest portal, to cater this specific need.

How it works: is the only commercially available service that enables you to place your backorders for dropping .in and domains. We are currently in Beta and operating on "First Come, First Serve" basis. It means, the portal accepts only one backorder per domain name. So whoever places the order first, gets the name if we happen to catch it. No auction, no bid. Just flat rate backorders.

There is no advance payment or credit card information required at the time of placing order. You simply need to place the order for the domain you want to catch and we will attempt to catch it on your behalf. If the name is successfully caught by us, you need to then make the payment and the domain(s) will then be transferred to your account. We are trying to keep it as simple as possible for our customers.

Success Rate:
With our custom API scripts, multiple connections, fast servers, and utilization of multiple registrars, we are able to deliver a great catching success ratio. Though, to be honest, we are aware about the competition and hence, do not claim a 100% success rate (no dropcatch service can claim the same) but what we are pleased to inform that we are faster and ahead of the guy next door who is doing hand registrations or even people using pre-made drop-catch Softwares. We are also constantly expanding our resources and adding more registrars. We are soon going to be out of Beta and launch the V2 of the site with various added features and more registrars horsepower (thus a higher success ratio).

Daily Drop List:
Last but not the least, there is also a daily exclusively handpicked list of everyday's premium dropping .in and domains which includes noteworthy keywords, liquids and numeric domains to help you pick up that gem you were looking for. Find it in the "daily Handpicked List" sub-menu under the "Daily Drop List and Data" section of our site.

Pricing and Discount:
Feel free to start placing your backorders or read the FAQs section on our site for the common questions. We appreciate the INForum community and the awesome members here and would like to offer a special 10% discount on the regular price of $25. Please use the coupon code"inforum" while checking out to knock down the price to $22.5 flat for any orders you place at

Please post any suggestions, feedback or questions you may have about it or e-mail us at support(at) We are looking forward for the community's support and genuine suggestions to improve it constantly and make it better for domainers. Also, we welcome any affiliation ideas you may have in mind to join hands with us.

Happy Backordering
Team inBackorder
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I like this idea. The flat rate can be a little risky, but considering the price.....not too much. First come first serve means a person doesn't have a lot of time to research the name to see if it's worth the price.


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Looks like a great service!

I signed up without issue. Everything on the website is clear and the process is straightforward.

I've placed my first back order and eager to see how it goes.

One suggestion would be to include a drop date calculator, rather than require someone to calculate that on their own.

The email confirmation of orders is a nice touch.


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I also signed up, and it looks good.

It would be nice if it were possible to have the daily handpicked drops list emailed.

Also, although I understand you might want to operate in the background, I think it would be good to have a little bit about who you are on the site. Especially once it comes to sending payments to you I want to know who the recipient is...


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@Connected , We had to keep first-come-first-serve as that is the only viable option for our users (Next to auctioning the caught name to the highest bidder) in order to keep it simple. Else it would be a mess if we allow multiple people to backorder same name, we would have no way to determine who to award the name.

@Jeff , Thanks for your kind words. We look forward to server you and the users of this great forum.

@oneventures , Payments are required only AFTER we catch the name for you. Hence, it's pretty much safe and secure. The sending information is sent to you along with the invoice at the time of payments.

Happy backordering folks


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@oneventures, We will son be implementing a subscription based e-mail system where all our registered users will have the handpicked lists delivered to their e-mail addresses. Expect it to be implemented soon!


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Feature Updates: 10 August 2017

If you had lately seen that “under maintenance” page occasionally, it was because of the changes we were making. Now that we’re finally done, we are happy to roll out the biggest update of ever. We received numerous suggestions about opening full 30 days backorder window. Based upon that, while making sure to stay true to our core “First-come, First-Serve” & “keep it simple” policies, here’s how we have implemented it with the help of 2 tiers of backorders, auto drop date finder, and a small (but important) addition of SSL. Here we go:

  1. Auto Drop Date Finding: Yes, we realize it was a pain to keep track of all dropping dates and until now, the onus was on the customer to find and select the correct dropping date. We have implemented one of its kind and first ever in industry, an “Auto Drop Date Finder” option for .in domains. From now on, any domains that you order (If it’s dropping in the next 30 days), the system will automatically detect its precise dropping date and shows you right at the time of ordering. Humble credits to @Jeff for suggesting the same in this thread some time ago about the inclusion of a drop date calculator. We are always happy to hear and implement your suggestions.

  2. Introduction of Premium Backorders: From now on, you can order any .in domain dropping in the next 30 days by placing a “Premium Backorder” via Premium backorders are priced at $50 (Discounted for our prepaid customers) and use enhanced catching power.

  3. Standard Backorder: Your favorite, regular backorder is now “Standard Backorder” and available just as usual via with the same pricing of $25. With standard backorders now, you can place your backorders for the domains dropping only today and tomorrow.

  4. Your Account Credits: Any account balance/credits you have purchased, remains intact and fully usable for either of the premium/standard backorders. The system will charge you 1 backorder credit for standard backorder as usual, and if you decide to place a premium backorder, it will just charge you 2. Simple and without any complexity.

  5. First Come, First Serve: This is something we always had at our heart since the very beginning, and our core policy. Staying true to it, we still work on first come, first serve basis and the system still accepts only one backorder per domain. Any customer, who orders a domain via any category (Premium or Standard) first, is the only customer who can order that name and the system will not take any further orders for that domain from other users.

  6. SSL and HTTPS: Security is no less than a priority for us. We are happy to inform that now fully uses SSL and works via secure HTTPS for all its pages. SSL is the industry standard encryption protocol to browse the websites worldwide. All your data is completely safe and sound with us.

  7. What’s Next: A Glimpse Of Future Updates: We are bringing an “Elite” membership program based upon your past spending. Our regular customers would be enrolled in the “Elite” membership program automatically at the time of launching. Some of the benefits Elite Memebership would include: Bulk Backorders via single form, access to full handpicked list for the month, deeper discounts, and much more.

    Also another flash sale is just around the corner later this month with unlimited free backorders for all our users for a brief period of time. Just keep an eye on all the emails from iNBackorder and grab the most of it, the moment free backorders start raining!

Lastly, we would like to thank you, our loyal customers for being loyal to us and sending your feedback and genuine opinions which allows us to constantly improve It would not have been possible with your support. As always, for any questions, suggestions, feedback or bug report – feel contact your account manager at: support -at- anytime.

Always Yours
Team iNBackorder
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