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Hello Everyone :

A good news that i have always wanted to share with everyone for some time now. Today i have launched our mega website - - Your all-in-one customizable homepage. is your all-in-one internet homepage where you get all the websites you visit in just a single page and the best thing is that you get a "unified search" where you can search Google,yahoo or bing across different categories all from a single page. Once you signup you can modify the websites/icons upon your preference.

Now as it is in "beta" phase of development (as i prefer to call it ;-) ) there would be future updates for bug fixes, new features etc. And it is optimized for widescreen displays preferably with a resolution of 1366*768 (4:3 is broken for now).

Now, I would greatly appreciate if you kindly register and test for bugs or give your valuable feedback or advises regarding anything that might make it better. All suggestions are welcome. And i would also like hackers to try breaking the security if i may have missed something. Lemme know if you like it. Thanks.


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really a Nice site.
I suggest you to trace outgoing hits. from It you will able to Find favorite sites of Users or a specific users.
Also you can Go for Browser extensions.
All the best for the Mega site. :)


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I have visited your website and this is really nice concept to get all information at one website that you mostly visited on internet.


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I have visited your website and this is really nice concept to get all information at one website that you mostly visited on internet.

Thank you. I'm trying to make it more popular but all it's getting is around 400 hits per day.
Any suggestion to increase traffic ? Anyone ?? Thanks.
Great. Extreme effort with nice idea.

Increase High PR backlinks. it will provide good value for your website and increase traffic.

All the best


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I like it.

I think you should protect your concept with any form of TM etc that applies and then search for angels to back the expansion with $'s or is there already similar competition?
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