Larry Fischer Lands a 7-Figure Blockbuster! Latest Chart Topper Ranks Among Year's 5 Biggest Sales

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The new weekly domain sales report is out at I was away on vacation last week so we have two weeks worth of data for you this time out – and they were a couple of the best weeks of the year to date.The headliner is a 7-figure blockbuster landed by veteran domain investor/broker Larry Fischer that ranks among the year’s five biggest sales to date. We also saw a very nice 6-figure sale from Kate Buckley (giving her three of the year’s 20 biggest sales to date) and dozens of solid five figure sales. While the .coms enjoyed their usual dominance the ccTLDs also continued to shine producing one of the year’s three biggest sales to date in that category and nearly a dozen five-figure sales. The aftermarket often heats up in the 4th quarter of the year so this could all be a good sign for the final months of 2017.
You can get all of the details here:


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DomainLore doesn't sell .ch domains, so the sales venue for is likely not correct.


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