LAKSHMI.COM domain for sale LAKSHMI.COM domain for sale


Welcome Krishan , glad to see an enduser + investor owning a super-premium name in a long time . As Jeff said , a good broker will do the job for this awesome name.
Incredible Name!
On the outset, Congrats, Krishnan, for owning the name!

With the word Lakshmi meaning Wealth, Love, Prosperity, Fortune and (the embodiment of) Beauty, similar to this blog on WSJ, the question now is who will buy Lakshmi.Com?!

Agree with Jeff on his recommendations.

There can be many companies across industries who could be interested in the name - especially Indian companies going Global.

Asset Management Companies and large Jewellery businesses having multi-national presence could be the ones to whom it could suit the best, IMO.

While an Indian Broker can help for sure; given the fact that it is a .Com, any reputed Domain Broker/Domain Brokerage Company can extend specialist professional services of high-value.

Needless to mention, as regards the price, time could be the essence.

Best wishes for the Sale!
Hi guys, thanks for the help, I actually contacted about 10 brokers , none could help me,
All the brokers are U.S.-based and so they don't understand the value.

I contacted everyone on that list plus about 7 others after doing a lot of research.
Also tried contacting the big Lakshmi related companies and people.

Ultimately I think I need an Indian-based broker with large connections.

US or any other outside India brokers are real professional and they know how to handle the case.... for your case one of the leading Domain name broking company contacted Mitsu 5 to 6 days back and they were exploring details from us for word "Laxmi" and they are also exploring risk assement including checking of TM database etc.

So in short they do their home work well before they present your case to potencial buyer....

Good Luck Krishnan...

P.S. : Mitsu has nothing to do with Domain name ""
ahh ok, thanks so much,,

regarding legal rights,

yes, I actually have an LLC set up some 6 years ago in the name,
and have been using the domain and email for 15 years.

My company with Lakshmi in its name also has physical assets and property in its name,
cars and other things, with no intention to sell the name, so we're good by UDRP standards.

thanks again!

This is more than enough, one can do to protect his/her domain name.


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